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Hello and thank you for watching this video today this is Jim Holt with era's builders we're going to cover in this video construction pay applications and construction invoices specifically from builder to owner so I'm going to go over here in a minute this pay application but there's a couple things I want to talk about first most importantly you want to make sure that the pay application or the invoice process is agreed upfront in your construction contract it needs to be spelled out and detailed exactly what is going to be included in that pay application process time frames what happens in case of disputes on and on there's we have another video out that we talked about contract agreements and what needs to be incorporated into those agreements you're going to want to watch that too to make sure you got these items covered but just make sure that you've got the pay application process covered in your contract agreement between owner and builder you're going to before that even happens want to make sure that the owner and the Builder discuss whether or not there is a lender involved in the project if there are is a lender or a bank involved in the project sometimes they will have their own pay application process that will dictate how that's going to work so make it's very important to discuss all these items upfront before you get into a contract agreement now let's go over the pay application process in this particular video we are using an AIA document American Institute of Architects it's a standard agreement a lot of banks require this on this particular project we did have a lender and I'll talk more about that here later but the items that you see up at the top are blacked out these are owner and architect personal items so here you can see that this is the AIA Geo set RG 702 document very simple process but there are some things you want to make sure that are included for instance you want your original contracts um that should be at the top of every patient or invoice and then any change orders that have taken place thus far in this particular case we did have a lender involved and they were not going to approve anything over the contracts um so the owner and I had a separate agreement for how we were going to handle change orders so and then your contracts um two dates basically just the combination of the change holders in the original contract sum the next item number four here total completed and stored to date I'm going to show you this on the backup sheet next but this is all the items that have been completed and installed on the project through the end of this pay application period this pay application was a monthly process that the bank dictated at the end of every month we would submit an invoice to the owner and the bank they would then send out an inspector that that we would meet with on the job site to go over that particular month's work completed and I'm going to again show you that on the next the backup sheet then...